Ozone Spyder 3
Ozone Spyder 3

Ozone Spyder 3

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Ozone Spyder 3

Paraglider pilots have long appreciated the benefits of lightweight equipment; smaller packing volume, easier portability and seriously improved inflation behaviour. Now, paramotor pilots are also benefiting from these desirable characteristics with lightweight wings now designed specifically for powered use. The Spyder 3 is based on the successful Roadster 3 and weighing in on average 1.5 kg lighter (depending on size), the Spyder 3 retains the same levels of comfort, performance, speed and stability but with noticeably better handling and ridiculously easy inflation behaviour, especially in nil wind. It is suitable for a wide range of pilots from beginners to experienced XC pilots alike who are looking for a safe and fun all-round wing.


  • Easy nil wind inflation
  • Short take off distance
  • Ease of use
  • Low drag, high efficiency
  • High cruise speed
  • Very high top speed
  • Stability in turbulent air
  • Fun precise yet forgiving handling
  • TST
  • Adjustable brake handle heights
  • Suitable for most power units
  • Shark Nose technology

The Ozone Spyder 3 costs £3,950 inc VAT and an Easy Bag Stuff Sack but exclusive of shipping. To discuss things in more detail before placing an order contact us