Ozone Roadster 3 Paraglider from SkySchool
Ozone Roadster 3 Paraglider from SkySchool
Ozone Roadster 3 Paraglider from SkySchool in different colours

Ozone Roadster 3

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Ozone Roadster 3

The Roadster 3 delivers all of the benefits of an advanced reflex profile and the patented OZONE SharkNose, with EN B certification*. The Shark Nose OZONE Reflex Profile was developed specifically for powered flight. It maintains a constant level of lift and internal pressure over a wide range of angles of attack, giving exceptional levels of stability throughout the speed range. In turbulent air, even at low angles of attack, the Roadster 3 is highly collapse resistant - the reflex profile absorbs turbulence and remains inflated even without pilot input. At high angles of attack the brake range is very forgiving, meaning that deep inputs can be made without the risk of stall.

  • Shark Nose OZONE Reflex Profile
  • EN B certified
  • Ideal first reflex wing for newer pilots, fun enough for experts
  • Rock solid stability at all speeds and in active air for XC flying
  • Impeccable launch characteristics
  • Agile and precise handling
  • Short takeoff and landing
  • Improved top speed

The Ozone Roadster 3 costs £3,500 inc VAT and the Easy Bag Stuff Sack but exclusive of shipping. Custom colours cost a further £160. To discuss things in more detail before placing an order contact us