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Ozone MagMax Paraglider

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Ozone MagMax

Based on the now famous Magnum series, the MagMax is specifically adapted to powered flight. It offers the same high levels of performance, handling, and ease of use that has made the Magnum series the world’s bestselling tandem wing, but with special features specific to powered flight.

The easy launch and flight characteristics make the MagMax an ideal choice for professional tandem instructors, but also part time weekend pilots. Due to the light sail, the MagMax inflates easily in all wind conditions and is easy to control not only in the air but also on the ground. For trikes, the wing can be launched easily and cleanly without the use of the A risers. Trike launch assist systems can be accommodated on the risers to further aid the launch. This easy, forgiving nature on the ground helps remove the stress from launches and allows you to concentrate more on the flying.

The Ozone MagMax costs £3,995 inc VAT but exclusive of shipping. To discuss things in more detail before placing an order contact us