NVolo Visible Carbon Helmet
NVolo Visible Carbon Helmet

NVolo Visible Carbon Helmet

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NVolo are an Italian based company that produce high quality Helmets and Headsets. Due to the wide variety of accessories it is always best to visit Nvolo website first and then specify your exact order by emailing us on info@skyschooluk.com 

NVolo NV01 Carbon Helmet

Nvolo helmet’s design and production is entirely made in Italy and conforms to the regulation EN 966 for flight categories HPG (paragliding and hang gliding helmets) and UL (ultralight airplane helmets). 

  • It has a very compact size and weight consisting of composite fibers: carbon fiber, carbonkevlar, glass; we propose it in several external finishes by reversing the order of the layers or by various colors painting. There is then a layer of polystyrene which we have been able to contain in thickness thanks to a clever stratification of the shell, which allows the helmet to pass the difficult laboratory tests for certification and therefore to give you a safe protection and an extraordinary lightness. In fact, Nvolo helmet weighs only 600 grams (excluding accessories). 
  • The shell is the same for every size, while the inner padding varies, allowing us to make different sizes. This has many advantages, including the ability to change the size by simply replacing the inside padding within seconds to fit the helmet to any passenger or to replace an old one or to ha a spare one. The padding is removable easily, it is made of breathable fabric and it is washable in the washing machine. 
  • The strap has a quick release micrometric closure and is covered with a comfortable throat cover.
  •  Another highlight of our helmets is the attention for details, such as all ergal screws in different colours, based on helmet colours. 
  • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF HELMETS: - Design and production entirely crafted and made in Italy - 
  • Certified according to regulation EN966 for HPG (paragliding and hang gliding helmets) and UL (flying helmets with ultralight aircraft) - Reduced size - Weight 600 gr (excluding accessories) - 
  • Shell made of carbon fibre and carbon-Kevlar - The sizes are made with the inner padding - Breathable, removable and washable inner padding - Finish cover - Quick release chin strap - Ergal screws

Now with a new sidetone function that lets you hear your own voice inside the headset which avoids you shouting into the microphone.

The finish of this shell model is with VISIBLE CARBON, which has been painted with a transparent coating. Other colours are available.

It is possible to build the helmet with different headset models and NVolo accessories, according to everyone's needs and preferences.