Gin G-Lite 39m Reserve Parachute from SkySchool
Gin G-Lite 39m Reserve Parachute from SkySchool

Gin G-Lite 39m Reserve Parachute

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Gin G-Lite 39m Reserve Parachute

Developed by GIN, it’s an evolution of our One-G, one of the biggest selling rescue parachutes of all time. Compared to the One-G, the G-Lite offers greater stability and a reduction in weight whilst remaining reliable and cost-effective.

Good sink rate and stability 

The G-lite’s design offers excellent sink rate and stability. This has enabled us to both increase the maximum weight and reduce the surface area. The size #32 is certified to a maximum load of 105kg with a sink rate of 5.0m/s. Pilots flying below the maximum load will have a lower sink rate than this.

Reduced weight

The G-Lite is significantly lighter than the comparable size of One-G. Due to improved gore shape generated by 3D design, we could reduce the rescue size without compromising safety and a sink rate.

Bridle options

Rescue Bridle for harnesses with integrated bridles

Y bridle (125cm or 155cm) is optionally available for harnesses with no bridles


The G-Lite is certified EN and LTF to the EN 12491 and LTF 91/09 standards.

Technical Specifications

SIZE #39
Area 38
Line Length (m) 7.01
Centre line (m) 6.17
Weight (kg) 2.1
Max. load (kg) 130


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