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Flymaster Vario-SD

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Flymaster Vario-SD

The VARIO-SD is a totally new instrument re-engineered from the top instruments of the Flymaster range, from which it inherits the new architecture, including for example the new tougher body and almost unbreakable screen set-up.

As with the other products of the SD range, the VARIO-SD allows pilots to design their own multiple screens, with the free FLYMASTER DESIGNER app software.

With the user friendly DESIGNER, every pilot can enjoy designing any screen he wants, each with the data he wants, placed where he wants, in the size he wants!

No more complaints about small figures: everyone can set them to their preferred size!

The structural design of the VARIO casing makes it far sturdier than the previous VARIO and provides high strength protection of the screen against scratches and breaking.

The Flymaster VARIO-SD “won’t miss a thermal” in leisure and cross-country flights, ensuring the best value for money on the market.

Main Features: 
– High contrast, high resolution display (320×240)
– High sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer (resolution of 0.01 m/s)
– Next to climb indicator;
– “Data Logger” with capacity for up to 200 flight hours recorded at 1 position/second,
– Wireless interface for connection of air-speed probe, temperature probes, etc.
– Li-ion rechargeable battery (up to 30 hours of flight).


Taking advantage of the Flymaster VARIO new graphic processor, which also allows gray scales and increased definition graphics, pilots can customize their own multiple screen layouts using the new FLYMASTER DESIGNER.


The new Flymaster VARIO-SD feastures the new high quality Ultrasense vario, which out-performs the vario on previous models.

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