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Flymaster Avionics presents the NAV SD, a new instrument designed for XC and Competition pilots and engineered for maximum performance.

The NAV-SD is an evolution of the former NAV with stronger screen architecture, faster processing and the addition of a Micro SD slot for increased memory storage. As of 2016 the NAV-SD is supplied with a pre-installed micro SD card containing maps and airspace.

The NAV SD has been designed for competition pilots, with all the bells and whistles to fly competitions fast and effectively but without the Live tracking functions.

The NAV SD has all of the features of the GPS-SD and adds competition functionality for example, multiple and optimised routes, additional definable fields and elements, taks map, etc. All the features you could need for comps without the LIVE functionality.

The FLYMASTER NAV-SD also features the following:

So Easy – There are many reasons to choose from the Flymaster SD range but one of the main ones is it’s easy to use and intuitive menu system, that makes changing settings or accessing functions a simple task with none of the multiple and long key presses of other dedicated instruments.

Another killer function is the ability to design your own screen layouts – up to 20 different layouts for different scenarios, eg; thermalling screen with the thermal mapping prominent, competition screen or airspace screen. These can be switched manually or automatically triggered by events for instance switching automatically to Airspace screen when you approach airspace. You can vary the size and position of different elements and functions – ideal for older pilots with failing eyesight!

Talking of airspace, don’t get caught out! With Flymasters 3D airspace warning system you  have plenty of warning plus the information to navigate around restricted airspace.

The Thermal Core Map is one of the most useful, and exclusive features of the NAV SD. This map shows you the point of max lift in your thermal as a black dot within the inner navigation rose. During a thermal climb the NAV SD keeps track of the strongest climb and graphically shows the strongest bit with this marker. The pilot can then search for a new core and if needed return to the last one by following the marker.

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